Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Gifts for the Fun Kiddos in Your Life!

There's only 12 more days until Christmas,
but birthdays happen all year long,
so why not do some birthday shopping on

Can you BELIEVE how many cool things there are out there for kids, that aren't commercialized and that hopefully DON'T contain lead?

Indian Headdress-The Matosapa from World of Whimm

Set of 7 Buzzlewic Coloring Books from Tricia Courtney.

Two Bite Cake Playtime Bake Set from Puka Shell.

"Benedict" from Little Red Pear.

Wooden Chicken Puzzle from Dsthings.

Puzzle Piece Shaped Soaps from Victoria's SudsnSoaps.

Thanks for looking and God bless!

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