Friday, November 30, 2007

Is Miss Ladybug Made Out of Poppies?

Isn't this just the most darling piece of artwork? This little boy with his freckles, his slouched sock and the hole in his sweater sleeve, is just intently studying Little Miss Ladybug. I love this! This is a from a new artist at

Etsy Finds!

You can find this gorgeous necklace at Broken Teepee Designs on

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going, Going, Gone at!

Have you been to Etsy lately? Have you seen the Time Machine 2 feature called "Expiring Soon"? Well, I'm pretty proud of that feature, because it was my idea! YAY! Jared saw the idea listed in the forums, and ran with it. So, I took a little trip through the Time Machine to see if I could find some cool stuff that is expiring soon. If you haven't taken that trip yet, you should! There are some really great finds there! I couldn't limit myself to just one for this post, so thank you for indulging me, while I share some of my favorites from the Expiring Soon Time Machine!

by Ambrosia Delights (yes, that's my other shop!)

by Meeting Street Designs (Mary Marsh)

by Little Pig Studio

by Montezuma Mudd

by La Loma Studios

by CLJ Designs

NOW GO do some shopping!!! Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Etsy Artist Feature No. 2 -- Paperhill Studios

Thanksgiving is over. There are turkey leftovers in the refrigerator and freezer. Christmas music is playing on the radio. Many have already put up their Christmas decorations, and others still, have put up their Christmas trees. That must mean that Christmas is getting closer! In fact, there are only 30 days until Christmas. Have you begun your shopping, or is it all done? I've barely started, but I have an idea that I'll be doing some shopping on A great place to start is Paperhill Studios; where you can find unique gifts with vintage flair.

Grab a mug of hot cocoa, get your comfy slippers on, settle back, and meet Susan who is the creative force behind Paperhill.

Susan, please tell us a little about yourself.
Hello, my name is Susan. I am married to Peter and have three beautiful children. A daughter and two sons, they are 8, 6 & 2. I'm a stay home mother. We live in the same town I was born & raised. Eight years ago we bought my dream home, a lovely old farmhouse built in 1890. I grew up around the corner and admired the home all my life. I love crafting, I've tried everything! I love to cook. We enjoy having our friends & family over. Oh, I'll be 40 soon! I am so truly blessed.

Wow! Your home sounds lovely! One of these days....
So, Susan, how did you get started in your crafting?
My crafting has evolved over the years. I have always enjoyed making things from the time I was little. Once I was home and having my children my need to create really took hold. I bought a sewing machine and taught myself to sew. I knit a little, easy things like scarves & mittens. I love to scrapbook! I've got albums filled with precious memories. For awhile I sold rubber stamps and made tons of cards! I was a permanant fixture on split coast stampers. I love papers. Then came the estate sales. I was always thinking what I could make from these lovely things I find. I actually went to a class and they made frames covered with scrapbook paper. When I came home I took out the left over wallpaper from my dining room and made a frame with it. Then I tried it with the vintage wallpaper and it all kind of took off from there. I'm always thinking of ways to use my wallpaper. So came the journals, pens, notecards, etc. The possibilities are endless! Vintage is so popular and so fitting for my home & taste, it just seemed like the perfect fit!

Well, how did you find, and how long have you been selling there?
I found out about Etsy thru Ali Edwards blog. For those of you who might not know her she is big in the scrapbooking world and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I opened my account with Etsy in June but did not open shop until the middle of August.

And we're so glad that you're here! What are your favorite items to create?
I think my favorite item to make is my picture frames, no two are exactly alike. I don't like to make the same thing over & over so embellishing them is the best part!

Susan, now that you've been around Etsy for a little while, can you share with us who your favorite Etsy seller is?
I have alot of favorites on Etsy but if I have to pick just one, then it's Fringe. I just purchased one of her gorgeous scarves as a gift to myself!

Thank you so much Susan, for taking the time out of your Thanksgiving holiday, to share with us a little peek into your life. We hope and pray that your shop does very well.

Be sure to check out Susan's wonderful and unique products at Paperhill Studios.
Thanks for looking and God bless!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Etsy Artist Feature No. 1 -- Cavendish Soapworks

I have been featuring various groups of Etsy artists and crafters since I started this blog in October. I now would love to feature individual artists. Don't worry, I will still have my "Group" features too.

I found this great little shop on Etsy that has some really amazing looking bath and body products. I haven't purchased any as of yet, because I don't exactly have the money right now. But I do plan to be a customer of Cavendish Soapworks when I am able.

Here's a little about Kathleen and Cavendish Soapworks:
I'm a 36 yr old mother of 3 little girls, married for 11 years. I live in Prince Edward Island which is Canada's smallest province and on the east coast. I work from home here in a little community called Cavendish which is home to writer Lucy Maude Montgomery, famed author of Anne of Green Gables. You may or may not have heard of it but it's a big deal in these parts and Anne is known around the world. Especially popular with Japanese girls. We run a seasonal tourism business which includes accommodations, a restaurant and giftshop/gallery. My interests include cooking, painting and swimming but my children keep me pretty busy for the most part. That's pretty much me in a nutshell, nothing too exciting!

How did you get started with your craft?
I got started making soap by accident. I have had psoriasis all my life and while my case is pretty minor it's always been something that's bothered me. I have never liked taking any of the traditional remedies available which include steroids, coal tar creams (yuck!), sunlight therapy (skin cancer anyone?) and various other drugs. I stumbled upon a forum late one night while searching for some more natural remedies and someone had mentioned that handmade soap is so much milder and gentler than any mass produced store bought soap. I love making anything with my hands so I decided to give it a try. I started reading and researching and finally made some for myself. Now I'm not saying that my soap will cure ANY condition but for myself I saw a marked improvement in my skin . It was less dry and itchy and it just looked better. I started selling my wares here locally several years ago but made the leap to Etsy just recently.

How did you find out about Etsy, and how long have you been selling on Etsy?
I honestly don't remember how I learned of Etsy. I'm sure it was from one of the forums I belong to but I can't say for certain. I poked around for most of last winter and finally joined this Fall and started listing in October. So far the response has been great! It's a lot more work than I expected but it's been a good exercise.

What are your favorite items to create?
By far the thing I most enjoy creating is soap. I do make a few other items including candles but soap is my first love. I lay awake at night sometimes thinking about what my next batch should be, what colour fits and deciding on the perfect fragrance to use. I'm sure we all do the same no matter what art/craft we make.

Name one of your favorite Etsy sellers/shops.
This last question is not fair! I've had my eye on the laptop sleeves from JanineKing (I hope that's right) lately, they look lovely. I don't even own a laptop yet but when I do I know where I'm getting the bag to put it in! I'm not much of a jewelry wearer so I just enjoy window shopping for those items. Honestly there is so much great stuff here how could I choose?

Well, there you have it. Kathleen, thanks so much for sharing about yourself and your business. By the way, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!!!
Be sure to check out Cavendish Soapworks on
Thanks for looking and God bless,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brrrr! Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Across the northern hemisphere, winter is coming! Temperatures are dropping, noses are getting cold, frost is found on the windowpanes. It's COLD outside! Even here in the Bay Area of California, it's getting chilly! My hands and feet stay cold once the temperature drops with the leaves!

Here are some GORGEOUS ways to keep warm this winter. Click on the picture, and you can see each Etsy shop name under the image of their neckwarmer.

Have a wonderful day and God bless!
PS...only 41 more days until Christmas!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Jewelry Makes a Fantastic Stocking Stuffer!

Guys! Check it out! We've done all the work for you....picked out some gorgeous jewelry pieces that would tuck nicely into your wife's Christmas stocking. This jewelry is all handmade by some amazing jewelry artisans at Just click on the image, and you will be able to see a larger image and see which shops to visit.

Remember....Christmas is only 45 days away!

God bless, and have a wonderful day!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby's First Christmas Part 2

Only 52 days until Christmas, and here are some great ideas for Baby's First Christmas. Check them out! Their Etsy shop URL's are right on each picture.
Thanks for looking and have a blessed day!