Sunday, November 25, 2007

Etsy Artist Feature No. 2 -- Paperhill Studios

Thanksgiving is over. There are turkey leftovers in the refrigerator and freezer. Christmas music is playing on the radio. Many have already put up their Christmas decorations, and others still, have put up their Christmas trees. That must mean that Christmas is getting closer! In fact, there are only 30 days until Christmas. Have you begun your shopping, or is it all done? I've barely started, but I have an idea that I'll be doing some shopping on A great place to start is Paperhill Studios; where you can find unique gifts with vintage flair.

Grab a mug of hot cocoa, get your comfy slippers on, settle back, and meet Susan who is the creative force behind Paperhill.

Susan, please tell us a little about yourself.
Hello, my name is Susan. I am married to Peter and have three beautiful children. A daughter and two sons, they are 8, 6 & 2. I'm a stay home mother. We live in the same town I was born & raised. Eight years ago we bought my dream home, a lovely old farmhouse built in 1890. I grew up around the corner and admired the home all my life. I love crafting, I've tried everything! I love to cook. We enjoy having our friends & family over. Oh, I'll be 40 soon! I am so truly blessed.

Wow! Your home sounds lovely! One of these days....
So, Susan, how did you get started in your crafting?
My crafting has evolved over the years. I have always enjoyed making things from the time I was little. Once I was home and having my children my need to create really took hold. I bought a sewing machine and taught myself to sew. I knit a little, easy things like scarves & mittens. I love to scrapbook! I've got albums filled with precious memories. For awhile I sold rubber stamps and made tons of cards! I was a permanant fixture on split coast stampers. I love papers. Then came the estate sales. I was always thinking what I could make from these lovely things I find. I actually went to a class and they made frames covered with scrapbook paper. When I came home I took out the left over wallpaper from my dining room and made a frame with it. Then I tried it with the vintage wallpaper and it all kind of took off from there. I'm always thinking of ways to use my wallpaper. So came the journals, pens, notecards, etc. The possibilities are endless! Vintage is so popular and so fitting for my home & taste, it just seemed like the perfect fit!

Well, how did you find, and how long have you been selling there?
I found out about Etsy thru Ali Edwards blog. For those of you who might not know her she is big in the scrapbooking world and Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I opened my account with Etsy in June but did not open shop until the middle of August.

And we're so glad that you're here! What are your favorite items to create?
I think my favorite item to make is my picture frames, no two are exactly alike. I don't like to make the same thing over & over so embellishing them is the best part!

Susan, now that you've been around Etsy for a little while, can you share with us who your favorite Etsy seller is?
I have alot of favorites on Etsy but if I have to pick just one, then it's Fringe. I just purchased one of her gorgeous scarves as a gift to myself!

Thank you so much Susan, for taking the time out of your Thanksgiving holiday, to share with us a little peek into your life. We hope and pray that your shop does very well.

Be sure to check out Susan's wonderful and unique products at Paperhill Studios.
Thanks for looking and God bless!

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paperhill said...

Hi Angie, thanks so much for featuring me! Have a great week. Susan