Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going, Going, Gone at!

Have you been to Etsy lately? Have you seen the Time Machine 2 feature called "Expiring Soon"? Well, I'm pretty proud of that feature, because it was my idea! YAY! Jared saw the idea listed in the forums, and ran with it. So, I took a little trip through the Time Machine to see if I could find some cool stuff that is expiring soon. If you haven't taken that trip yet, you should! There are some really great finds there! I couldn't limit myself to just one for this post, so thank you for indulging me, while I share some of my favorites from the Expiring Soon Time Machine!

by Ambrosia Delights (yes, that's my other shop!)

by Meeting Street Designs (Mary Marsh)

by Little Pig Studio

by Montezuma Mudd

by La Loma Studios

by CLJ Designs

NOW GO do some shopping!!! Thanks for looking!



Simply Wired said...

That's AWESOME that you came up with that idea! I love using that feature, it's a great one! It helps you get a wider view of the items available, based on expiry versus just listed. Nice work!

Rio Oso Designs said...

Thank you simplywired. I figured there had to be a way to give some love to those items about to expire!

Kary said...

How COOL to think of that IDEA ... I love poking thorough the Time Machine .... WhEEE!

Rio Oso Designs said...

Thank you kary. I love poking through the Time Machine too! I love to see everything that everyone has. It's much easier than just putting in a category and doing a search.