Sunday, April 27, 2008

And the Winners Are....

Ok, now I'm ready! Thanks so much for your patience.

Congratulations to the following people whose names were randomly drawn by my 14 year old son:

Jennifer (tigerjennv) won the two burp cloths from Ambrosia Delights.

Bethany won the custom banner from Rio Oso Designs.

Ney Strokes of Magic won the free advertising spot from The Downtown Boutique.

Thanks so much for commenting, and for visiting the blog!


Friday, April 25, 2008

STITCH with the Embroiderers' Guild

I stumbled upon this great site that shows you how to create a lot of different stitches! How cool is that?! Here are just a few examples:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Banners and Etsy

So this morning, I was reading in the forums, and there is a discussion about what it right and what is wrong to sell, if you are selling graphic designs. I sell banners that I create, as well as business card designs, avatars, and other promotional material.

I saw in the discussion that we are not allowed to sell blog banners. I have had a lot of customers who want a banner for their blog, so instead of getting in trouble for selling blog banners through Etsy, I have decided to sell them here.

If you want a custom blog banner, you can now buy one from me here. Please note that the banners you see in this post are only examples of banners that I have made for other people's Etsy shops. I will not ever duplicate a banner exactly, although there may be some similarities. If you click on each picture, you will see a larger image of each banner.


*This will get you up to one hour of custom work for your blog banner. Anything beyond one hour will have added charges.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bloggy Carnival Giveaways

I don't know if you've heard of Bloggy Carnival Giveaways or not, but they are a fantastic way to get some new traffic to your blog, not to mention give away some awesome products!!

I just happened to find out that there is another Bloggy Carnival Giveaway going on right now, so I wanted in on the action (of course!!).

What am I going to give away this time? Well, a few things....

***#1: I will give away a month of free advertising on our other blog, The Downtown Boutique, for a 125x250 size banner spot. This is a value of $18. Note: We will not link to a site that has vulgar, obscene or otherwise inappropriate material.

***#2: I will give away one custom banner for your website or blog, any size you need, from our Rio Oso Designs Etsy shop. This is a value of $15.

***#3: I will give away 2 OsoBaby flannel burp cloths from our Ambrosia Delights Etsy shop. This is a value of $10.00.

All you need to do to enter, is to let me know which item you would like to win, and why. Please leave only one comment per person, with an easy way to get ahold of you. This contest is open worldwide. Deadline to enter is Saturday, April 26th at midnight PST. We will announce our winners on Sunday afternoon or evening.

Please be sure to visit our shops to see what else we sell! And check out The Downtown Boutique blog to see some amazing and wonderful handmade items. Also be sure to visit the Bloggy Carnival for a BOATLOAD of other great giveaways being held!

Happy Bloggy Carnival!


Monday Minis

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thinking Green?

These days, it seems the most used buzzword around our area of the country is "green". We're talking "green cars", "green/re-usable energy", "green grocery bags", etc. They're even beginning a plastic bag ban in the Bay Area. I'm kind of liking that idea, because then you can carry some fun and funky cloth bags!

I Stumbled Upon this great site that showcases "Great Green Goods". Check out some of the items they're featuring:

Win a $30 Gift Certificate from Sher's Wares

I subscribe to a blog called "Seven Dogs and a Baby". In my email today, I got her update, saying that Sher's Wares is giving away a $30 gift certificate. I had to check it out, because in the email, I saw this gorgeous baby bracelet:

So to enter to win, you have to check out the Sher's Wares website, and go back and comment on Seven Dogs and a Baby, about what you would buy if you won the gift certificate. I don't have a little girl, but I do have a 7 month old niece for whom the bracelet would be just perfect!

If I win the gift certificate, here is a sampling of what I would buy:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three Thursday Thumbnails

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Cool Find That I Stumbled Upon...

I love the "Stumble Upon" button on my computer. It brings me to some really cool sites where things are handmade. Check out this site that I stumbled upon today:

Win This!

Just click on the image to find out how to win!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Minis

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Three Thursday Thumbnails

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I've Been Featured on Another Blog!

I'm so excited! Normally I am the one doing the featuring of other fabulous artists. Well, now I've been featured by a wonderful Etsian, JLC Studio. Jennifer has an amazing blog where she has a segment called "Weekly Win It!", and I am the featured artist this week.

And guess what?!! I'm giving something away! What is it? Well, of course it's a custom banner for your Etsy shop, blog, or website! Go check out Jennifer's blog and let me know what you think. Oh yeah! And don't forget to enter to win the custom banner!

Here's a sampling of some of the banners I've created:

Thank you so much for checking us out! Have a great day!

Show and Tell

I just bought two gorgeous pairs of earrings from two different Etsy shops. I have to say that I am an earring fanatic. Seriously. I think I probably have close to 50 pairs of earrings. Well, for me, that's a lot. So it couldn't hurt to add two more pairs, and especially two pairs that are SO pretty! Check 'em out:

From Hazel Designs

From lildid Creations

Now go buy some earrings! You'll be glad you did!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Minis -- Featuring Etsy Shops from Italy, Brazil, and Japan

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Need a blog banner?

Are you bored with your blog banner? Do you even have a blog banner? Do you want one? I would love to make one for you! I charge $15 for custom blog banners. If you're interested, please visit Rio Oso Designs or email me.

On another note, we are wanting to start a new feature for Mondays, here on the Rio Oso Designs blog. We're looking for an alliterative title. We have "Thursday Thumbnails" here. On our other blog, The Downtown Boutique, we have "Tots on Tuesdays", "Wordless Wednesdays", and "Friday Features". So please help me come up with a great feature name!

Have a great day!