Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Banners and Etsy

So this morning, I was reading in the forums, and there is a discussion about what it right and what is wrong to sell, if you are selling graphic designs. I sell banners that I create, as well as business card designs, avatars, and other promotional material.

I saw in the discussion that we are not allowed to sell blog banners. I have had a lot of customers who want a banner for their blog, so instead of getting in trouble for selling blog banners through Etsy, I have decided to sell them here.

If you want a custom blog banner, you can now buy one from me here. Please note that the banners you see in this post are only examples of banners that I have made for other people's Etsy shops. I will not ever duplicate a banner exactly, although there may be some similarities. If you click on each picture, you will see a larger image of each banner.


*This will get you up to one hour of custom work for your blog banner. Anything beyond one hour will have added charges.

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