Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Show and Tell

I just bought two gorgeous pairs of earrings from two different Etsy shops. I have to say that I am an earring fanatic. Seriously. I think I probably have close to 50 pairs of earrings. Well, for me, that's a lot. So it couldn't hurt to add two more pairs, and especially two pairs that are SO pretty! Check 'em out:

From Hazel Designs

From lildid Creations

Now go buy some earrings! You'll be glad you did!



woolies said...

I love earrings too! both of yours are REALLY nice.
PS - the comment prior to mine - scared to click on that - ? You should enable the comment moderator thingy..

The Downtown Boutique said...

Thanks for the warning woolies! I didn't realize that I hadn't done the word verification thing. It's done now!