Saturday, August 2, 2008

Win an Ultimate Sun Protection Zone Giveaway!

I am blogging about sun protection for a couple of reasons. I come from a family of very fair-skinned people, and I myself have had TWO second degree sunburns. I do not want to die from skin cancer, nor do I want any of my loved ones to die from skin cancer. I now own a rashguard (sun shirt) from, and so does our 20 month old. We also purchased one from Land's End for my 14 year old. We used them at the lake this past week, where we were in the water for hours at a time. NO sunburns! Woo hoo! We didn't have to use nearly as much sunscreen either!

The second reason that I'm blogging about sun protection, is because I can earn an extra entry to win the Ultimate Sun Protection Zone Giveaway, being held by A Daycare Life. Be sure to head over there and check it out! You can enter to win too. The deadline is August 7th.

Have a great rest of your summer!

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