Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bringing Up Somewhat Buried Memories

Ok, let me start by saying this: I subscribe to Laura William's Musings blog, where she has daily editions of contests that she finds all over the web, and shares them with everyone on her blog. So today, I see a contest where you can enter to win a Wii game. I think we may be one of a select few families who do NOT have a major video game system. We have some old-school type, hand-held, bought at Target this past year, plug and play video games, but even those do not get played with very often.

But the Wii......ah the Wii! We have found the Wii to be fairly fascinating. My 7 year old nephew has one, and we have been able to play it on occasion. It can be really fun, and really addicting at the same time. Hubby said that if we ever do get a video game system, it would probably be the Wii. So now I have a chance to win one. Well, it's a very VERY slight chance, but a chance nonetheless. I mean, when I commented, there were already over 400 comments/entries, so that's what I mean by a VERY slight chance.

Anyway, Metropolitan Mama is the blog hosting the giveaway. Her post is pretty interesting, talking about childhood memories, about growing up in a home where imagination ran rampant. Her story sounded so much like my own childhood! To enter to win the Wii, you have to comment about 3 childhood memories that involved imaginative play. I love thinking about those days, because despite the fact that we were the ONLY family in the WORLD (or so we thought at that time), who didn't own a TV, we had a fun childhood. Looking back, I can really see the wisdom in my mom, when it came to saying NO TV! She would always say there was way too much garbage on TV. And that was in the 70's! Today it's SO much worse!

So here is my comment on my childhood play (Sorry, but I only had one photo to match the memories. I think I need to take a trip to Mom and Dad's and haul out the photo albums and get a scanner!):

I have 4 brothers and one we had 4 boys/2 girls. We grew up with no TV...EVER! We certainly grew up with imaginations and a love for reading!
A few of our favorite childhood games:
We too acted like superheroes. My mom had made one of the boys a Superman costume, and a few of them ended up wearing it eventually. I had a leotard and some tights and a knitted shawl, so we all became an imaginary superhero, zooming around the house. I think I was about 10 when I quit doing that.

Another thing that we loved doing, was to play Star Wars with Dad. He would put the Star Wars soundtrack record (yes, vinyl!) on the record player (remember those?), and then he would be Darth Vader. I was always Princess Leia of course, and my brothers were Luke and Han. They would use their invisible but highly sound-effective light sabers against the evil Darth Vader, and they would "rescue" me.

When we were a little younger, and there were only three of us, mom and dad would go to Officers' parties (we're Air Force brats). They would leave a babysitter with us. If it was a sitter we didn't like, we would pretend we could speak a different language, because "our dad was stationed in ....." (which we didn't, and he wasn't). We would carry on a "conversation" and giggle all over the place, because it would make our sitter mad! If it was a sitter we liked, then we would line up the dining room chairs, and put a sheet over them like we were flying on an airplane. Our sitter was our stewardess.

It's really pretty fun to think about those memories. I can think of about a kajillion more if I really sit down and think. And when I get together with my siblings, the memories come flooding back.

I'd love to hear what your favorite childhood memory is!

Have a beautiful weekend,

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your memories and I absolutely love the accompanying photos!